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Rook by Sharon Cameron Review

Another Book Review. Sorry, it has been so long. I have been mega busy with school, grades, tv and writing!

This is a spoiler free review!

Written by Sharon Cameron
Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopia/Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: April 28, 2015
Pages: 456
Source: Library
Places to Get this Book: Amazon Barnes and Noble  Book Depository
Recommended Age: 12 and up!


History has a way of repeating itself. In the Sunken City that was once Paris, all who oppose the new revolution are being put to the blade. Except for those who disappear from their prison cells, a red-tipped rook feather left in their place. Is the mysterious Red Rook a savior of the innocent or a criminal?

Meanwhile, across the sea in the Commonwealth, Sophia Bellamy’s arranged marriage to the wealthy René Hasard is the last chance to save her family from ruin. But when the search for the Red Rook comes straight to her doorstep, Sophia discovers that her fiancé is not all he seems. Which is only fair, because neither is she.

As the Red Rook grows bolder and the stakes grow higher, Sophia and René find themselves locked in a tantalizing game of cat and mouse


I need to rant about how awesome this book was because it was amazing. I have no idea why so many people didn’t like it.

I loved the whole idea of this book. Sharon Cameron supposedly did this as her own version of The Scarlet Pimpernel which I have unfortunately not read so I couldn’t really pick out the similarities. I also really liked how it was set many years from now and technology was banned and those who used it or owned it were put to death.

The main character Sophia Bellamy was a wonderful character to read about. I loved her as she was normal and had the same kinds of emotions as a normal girl would except for the fact she was very adventurous.

Rene is also a wonderful character. He is rather mysterious but I loved him from the start.

The relationship between brother and sister (Tom and Sophia) was real and I loved how much they cared about each other.

I was constantly at the edge of my seat and almost biting my nails due to the intense action. Every day I dreaded putting the book down or going to school because I wanted to see what would happen next.

The villain was such a good villain. It made you hate him and love him at the same time.

And yes there was a love triangle but thank goodness it didn’t overwhelm the whole book. The romance between Rene and Sophia was sweet and adorable and I adored it. The romance was also pretty believable and it wasn’t a love at first sight type of romance. It was built up during the book and I loved that.

Basically in the book, no one can trust anyone because everyone has hidden secrets.

Final Thoughts:

I loved this book! The characters were amazing and well developed. The world building was done very well, the plot was perfect and the romance was sweet. I recommend this to lovers of Dystopian and Historical YA Fiction!

Quotes from the Book:

“Your maman was in my room last night.”
“And I was not.” His tone was glum.

“I think you are very beautiful," René said, "especially when you are admiring mischief."

"You must think that every time I look at you, then.”

“You are the variable in every equation, Mademoiselle.”

“Her grief for both of them was flavored with guilt the way salt flavors the sea; she could taste it in the tears.”

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Crowns

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