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Supergirl Season 1x12 Recap/Thoughts

Supergirl Season 1x12 Recap/Thoughts

One of the TV shows I watch is called Supergirl which is on CBS. For reasons I am not doing a thoughts post on the first three episodes. If you do not watch this show and are thinking about watching it sometime in the near future than I suggest you do not read this post. I WILL be doing a season one review when the season is over and all of you who have not seen this show can read it.

Season trailer:


Basically in this episode, creepy Maxwell Lord is using his creepy lady to pose as Supergirl in an attempt to kill her. Cat is also acting super nice to Kara because of the fact that she is going on a date with Adam. Unfortunately, Kara has to leave their date in the middle because Supergirl duties call. Meanwhile, Winn talks to James and asks why he doesn’t go after Kara. Winn says that James has a chance with her.

There are two showdowns between Supergirl and her lookalike (named Bizarro). Also Adam leaves as Kara says it won’t work out.  There are a lot more things that happen but those are the basic ones.


OMG this episode! The feels guys.

Seriously, they keep ruining my ship. Hello? Even freaking Jeremy Jordan (he plays Winn) ships Kara and Winn.  

First they pair her with James then that gets ruined because of Lucy. Then they pair her with Winn and they have that ONE SECOND kiss and he tells her he’s in love with her. (Que fangirl scream) Then they totally ruin that and Kara pushes him away. Then they pair her with Adam (who was really nice!) and they ruin that. And now they are pairing her with James. Like Winn and Kara are meant to be. Accept it people. ACCEPT IT!

Now that that’s over with! *wipes brow*

This episode was awesome. I liked the fact that there was an appointment for Supergirl that was basically herself. (Genius Maxwell Lord!)  The showdowns between them were pretty cool. Especially the one where Kara was just dressed as regular Kara.

Let’s get one thing straight though. Maxwell Lord is creepy as heck. Like, I’m sure he preys on young people in his freetime. And I think he has a thing for Alex which is weird.

And that kiss between Adam and Kara. It was cute even if I didn’t ship them.
Now, let’s talk about the fact that they are making it seem like James is going to have two love interests. What’s that all about?  Like can he just stick to Lucy?

Oh and what about the fact that Cat is acting nice towards Kara and then tells her that they should have a strictly business relationship….

Wow. This show….

Anyways, I’ll see you all next week for another Supergirl Episode Thoughts post. And I’ll see you soon for an Agent Carter thoughts post and a book review! *confetti*

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