Monday, 15 February 2016

Teen Wolf Season 4x9 Review/Thoughts

Teen Wolf Season 4x9 Review/Thoughts

Teen Wolf is one of my favorite TV shows and I have decided to do episode reviews as I am almost up to date.

This will have so many spoilers. Just a warning!

Season Four is awesome but not my favorite season.  We have gotten a new ‘main’ character and new villains.


In the episode before it left off with Lydia finding out that her grandmother was responsible for the code. And this raised a ton of questions.

In this episode:

Parrish gets burned alive by his fellow police officer. Unfortunately for the police officer, Parrish survives.

I am seriously so confused as to what he is at this point. Like is he a phoenix? Is that an actual supernatural creature?

Also Meredith Walker comes back and that’s when you know she’s going to be involved in this entire freaking mess.

Kira was MIA for this episode which made me a little bit sad as I really like her.

But we did get a lot of drama. For instance Lydia and Stiles spent time together and then went to ask for files at Eichen House.

Scott, Malia and Liam were at the bonfire at school. And Malia and Liam thought that it was a good idea to attempt to get drunk even though as we found out in season one, they can’t get drunk.  Of course some creepy people were running the party and the music basically made them all loose it and then get almost killed.

Enter Derek Hale who saves them from being almost killed.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles get knocked out (Thanks Jeff Davis for not giving these two special powers) and then they almost get killed by Brunski.

Yeah, I always knew he had problems but I didn’t know that they were this bad. Maybe instead of working at Eichen, he should be entered there as a patient.

And then that cliffhanger tho….

Who ever thought that Meredith Walker would be the Benefactor. Like what is up with that?

Basically the writers:

And Meredith happened to help them. Like she helped them find the second cipher key. I’m starting to think that other people were in on all this.

*Cough* *Cough* Peter Hale *Cough* *Cough*

This is me at the end of this episode:

Anyways… I shall see you soon for another blogpost!


  1. 1702% done. More done. Even more done. #Done

    1. Like literally this is me at the end of each of the last four episodes of Season Four. #Done