Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Top Ten Tuesday|| Top Ten Reasons I Love Once Upon A Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it's Top Ten Reasons I Like X

I loved the thought of kind of having a freebee. That is until I actually sat down to think about what I would do. This topic was actually really hard because I have so many things that I would love to rant about to you. Like reasons why I like a particular book series. I finally decided to do this on Top Ten Reasons I Love Once Upon A Time because this is my all-time favorite TV show. 

The Characters

The characters that make up this show are all wonderful. They all have strengths and they all have flaws. They are so expertly crafted and depicted. Of course, this is a TV show where the characters are all from fairytales but they have such amazing twists to their personalities which makes them so original. The bad guys, aren't always totally bad or incapable of redemption. They also aren't ugly or depicted as such. In fact, some of the bad characters are the loveliest and they are all so complex. Our evil characters all have things that make them completely human--Mr. Gold loves Belle so much, Regina loves her adopted son and Maleficent loves her daughter and hopes that she will have a better life and be a better person. The good characters have flaws--Snow couldn't keep a secret, and Emma has a horrible trust issue. 

I became so invested in these characters and I feel what they feel and cry if something happens to them. You learn that some of the bad characters just do what they do because of their childhood and they want redemption. And then you have the bad characters who are just plain evil and nothing will change their mind even though you terribly want them too.  I've gone to hell and back with these characters and I love them so so much!


The Sass and Dialogue

This book has a ton of sass. Regina is the master of sass and then you have Pan who was just reeking with it. The sass makes the show so much better, it just provides comic relief from some of the events that are happening around them. All dialogue is also beautifully done. As well as the timing of the dialogue. For instance, we can't have two characters say "I love you" to each other unless something horrible is about to happen to tear them apart. The timing of the dialogue is everything in this show. Plus, some of the dialogue is amazing and so wonderfully thought up. Some of my favorite lines of all time are in this show. 

It's Hilarious

Humor is a must for a angst filled show and that is exactly what happens with this show. This show has so many funny lines and funny tidbits that help you get through the angst filled episodes. Trust me, there's a ton of those. 

 It Tears Your Heart Out

I know this might seem horrible to you but sadness and angst is what makes a show addicting.  If nothing happened, would you want to watch TV shows? I wouldn't. We live for these moments whether we'd like to admit it or not. This show has a lot of heartbreaking moments and they are what keeps the story/show going. They are all positively tear-jerking and you just want the show to resolve already but you keep watching because you just can't stop.

The Costumes

The costumes that these characters/actors wear are gorgeous. I love the girls costumes but Hook's outfit is pretty nice too. Regina Mills has some of the best outfits ever. I shall put a couple up above because they are all so amazing and nice to look at.  I feel like the costume a character wears show a bit of their personality which is the case with this show so I naturally love the costumes. 

The Friendships/Family Relationships

I love the friendships in this show. Friendships are so important in shows and a good strong friendship, makes me so happy. There are a couple strong friendships in this show such as Emma and Regina. They didn't use to be friends. In fact, they used to hate each other but now they have a strong friendship and I don't know what would happen if this didn't exist. The show would probably be a mess. There are also friendships that aren't just two people. Basically the six or so main characters all have a strong 'friendship' and are very good at teamwork which helps a lot. 

The family relationships are also super strong. There is the bond between Emma and her parents as well as the bond between Henry and his adopted mother and actual mother. These relationships didn't just happen. Emma didn't know her parents until she was twenty-eight years old so it took a little while for her to get used to all of it. Henry also didn't know his real mother until he was around eleven. But the relationships between family members are a huge part of this show and help move it forward. 

The Ships/Romance

Ahh...romance.  This show has a lot of it. And it also has you wanting two characters to get together for seasons on end and when they finally get together, it's heaven.  *cough cough Captain Swan cough cough* Basically, my OTP is in this show. Well besides Stydia because, let's face it, I have like twenty OTPs. It's a thing. 

The romance is cute, angst filled and beautiful. Most of the relationships in this show are beautiful and you just want them to be together forever and ever but that isn't always the case. The last season had a ton of angst and sadness for certain couples and ships were crashing and burning everywhere. It was a nightmare though the season was amazing!  

They incorporate fairytales/fairytale characters into the real world, perfectly.

When This show is basically a twist on all the fairytales you know and love. They introduce new fairytales and fairytale characters/villains every season. We've had amazing, unique stories for them. This show incorporates the characters into the modern/real world so well, that it's almost like they've been here their entire existance. This is one of the reasons this show is amazing. They also have a few characters from the modern/real world and they have relationships with fairytale characters and it's all so beautiful


Strong Female Characters

The amount of strong female characters in this show is endless. There are so so many, that is hard to count.  We have Emma Swan who is such a badass, Regina Mills aka The Evil Queen and her skills with magic are amazing, Red from Little Red Riding Hood who is actually a wolf, Snow White who is badass with a bow and arrow, and many many more. I love the female characters in this show because they are all strong, both in mind and body. The girls literally rule this show. 

10 The Level of Hotness

When Most of the characters are generally good-looking but let's talk about some of the guys here. For example, Killian Jones aka Captain Hook. He is so attractive and he's a pirate. Come on guys. Don't you feel me here. Then we have Peter Pan. Peter Pan is supposed to be a young kid right? Well, in this show he is a very attractive teenager and I'm sorry, if you don't find him attractive, I don't know why I'm talking to you. JK, you can think whatever you want. And we also have Sheriff Graham who is also super attractive but he was sadly only in the first season. Lastly, we have Jefferson aka The Mad Hatter. Okay, Jefferson is played by Sebastian Stan who also plays Bucky Barnes, and everyone likes him. I loved Jefferson. He was creepy but so good-looking and sweet. 

That is it. This is technically last week's post but I had to post it today because I didn't finish it last week. And can you tell, I have an obsession with this show?