Friday, 15 July 2016

Movie Review #4: Ender's Game

Another movie review! I saw the movie Ender's Game recently and thought I would do a review. This is pretty much spoiler free.

Title: Ender's Game
Director: Gavin Hood
Rating: PG-13
My Rating: 4 Crowns
Release Date: November 1, 2013

Let me be honest, I firstly decided to watch this because Asa Butterfield is in it. I had a tiny obsession with him a couple years ago. But I also decided to watch it because I heard that it was good from some of my trusted friends.


The plot was interesting but to be fair, f it wasn't I probably would not have continued to watch it. I thought the whole concept of the film was fairly interesting. I liked how there was a training school in space and how the characters were sent there if they had a certain potential. I didn't really understand why they were trying to wage war on a species that wasn't doing anything to hurt them. But otherwise, the plot was rather interesting.


Asa Butterfield plays the lead character, Ender. He was really good as the role. Ender has a pretty bad life. He is brillant and so that gives people reason to bully him. However, he gets chosen to go to battle school because of his scores and actions. Ender is really brave and determined to make his way in this world but he does have a few things that pull him back at times. Overall, Asa was a delight to watch and I enjoyed his character. 

Harrison Ford plays the Colonel. I didn't enjoy his character all that much because he was rather rude and pushed Ender even when he didn't really want to do whatever it was. He was still good in his role but I didn't much enjoy the character he played. 

Hailee Steinfeld played Petra and I adored her. She was strong and really smart and was one of the first people to open up to Ender in battle school. Ender was slightly out of place and Petra made sure he had a friend and could count on her. 


The fighting is mostly on screens or virtually but there is a little where Ender fights other children. Otherwise, I didn't think there was much fighting. 


PG-13 is a good rating for this film. It does have a couple things that younger kids wouldn't understand and some of the themes could get younger kids annoyed or confused but otherwise it was reasonable.

I recommend this movie and think it is a good movie to watch for enjoyment. Don't judge it too hard. 

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