Friday, 14 October 2016



I feel like, I’ve been so busy lately, that I haven’t had time to update you guys on anything going on in my life.

Yes, I’ve been back at school for over a month and yes, school sucks so bad. I am literally so bogged down by homework that my blogging and reading schedules have been a total mess. I also just got sick [again!] so I’m not feeling my best. School is seriously the place where diseases live.

But, this post is to update you all about what I will be watching for Fall TV which has started!!


Once Upon a Time
[Season 6]
ABC Sunday 8/7 Central

Once Upon a Time is legit my favorite TV show ever, and if you don’t know this by now, you need to go back and go through my posts. I adore this show and will probably watch it until I die because it is so so good.  I started this show when it was on its third season because I hadn’t really known about it before then and let me tell you...I was instantly hooked. I adore fairytales and all that jazz and this just twists them up in the best ways.

Once Upon a Time is now going into its sixth season and I hope this one is good because the last one was amazing. The feels were real. But this season we get Hyde and the Evil Queen and my babies [Captain Swan] are still going strong.  Needless to say, I’ll be catching this show every sunday without fail.

The Flash
[Season 3]
CW Tuesday 8/7 Central

The Flash is so good, I’m telling you. It is based on the DC comics which I have never read but I am going to be continuing this show always. I spent all summer and last month and the beginning of this month, catching up on this show. I love this show, as it is so amazing.  I love the characters and the cast.  

It is on its third season and still going strong. It started really well, with the whole Flashpoint thing but I am a little worried as to where this show is going. I don’t want anything to happen to my precious children. [Especially Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Jesse, Iris or Wally]

[Season 2]
CW Monday 8/7 Central

Supergirl used to be on CBS but it moved over to the CW because The Flash and Arrow are currently residing on that channel. I love Supergirl so so much. The characters are so lovable, the dialogue is hilarious and the action is done ridiculously well.

This season, I actually have no idea what to expect but some new faces joined the show [Katie McGrath as Lena Luther, Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Chris Wood as unknown pod person] and I am excited!

[Season 2]
PBS Sunday 8/7 Central

This has been on for a couple episodes and I have yet to catch up but I will just as soon as I get some time. I didn't plan on even starting this show but since my mom was watching it last year, I did and it is actually pretty good. Plus Aidan Turner is in it. That's all I have to say...


[Season 1]
NBC Monday 10/9 Central

This is a time travel TV Show and I was hooked from the previews. I don't know anyone in the cast though, so its going to be interesting. I have to catch up on this show as well.

Still Star-Crossed
[Season 1]


I am unsure when this one is coming out. But it is based on one of my favorite YA books ever. It is set after Romeo and Juliet's deaths and it is about Rosaline and Benevolio and I am so excited but am not that happy about the cast.

And that's all the shows I know I'll watch now.

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