Sunday, 18 December 2016

#Blogmas Days 11, 12, 13, and 14 Stocking Stuffers For Girls!

Hello guys! I know that this post is late. I meant to have it up last weekend but here it is: STOCKING STUFFERS FOR GIRLS!

I know that I am usually a book blogger but Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, so I have to share the magic with everyone else. 

I know, some people like giving small little presents and here are some of the perfect gifts you can give a girl. [mostly for teenage girls].  The prices are general, may change depending on where you buy them. 

1. Eos Lip Balm $3.49

I don't know about you guys or any girls you know, but I love Eos lip balm because it is a cute little lipbalm that you can keep in your purse and it serves a purpose. 


2. Fuzzy Socks $9.00 - $13.00

I bet a lot of you hated getting socks when you were a kid but now almost every girl loves fuzzy socks. Especially, if you are living in a cold place where the temperature goes down all the time and you almost freeze to death. [#reality] These are a cute thing to put in any girls stocking. She'll love it. Guaranteed. 

3. Nail polish $9.00 

Now, not every girl likes nail polish so you might want to check with them before you buy this. Nevertheless, if she likes nail polish, this is such a cute idea to get someone. Metallics are something that is really in this year. 

4. Rollerball Perfume $20 

Perfume is something that a lot of girls like to wear. Personally, I don't usually wear perfume but rollerball perfume is really easy to use. A lot of places have these so it isn't too hard to find. 

5. Lotion $5 

A lot of people's hands get dry in the winter so get them a little bottle of lotion. Bath and Body Works has cute lotions in many different scents, so start there. 

6. Small notebook/planner $15

Personally, I love to write things down, and afterall, I am a blogger so I kind of have to store my ideas somewhere. A planner or notebook is a great thing to give someone that they can carry around all the time and write small reminders or things down. 

7. Key Ring $5 

Key rings are such a good idea to give a girl or really anyone. Keys are something most people have, and there are so many cute key rings out there so that is something that is a good stocking stuffer. 

8. Iphone/Ipod Case $20 

These break often and you want your phone/ipod to be stylish and safe. Right? I know I do, so I recommend getting a cute case for any girl. There are so many to choose from, just look around. 

9. Hair Ties $6

Come on. I loose these all the time, so every girl with long hair needs some of these at all times. Who knows, when they will want to put their hair up? I prefer the ones made out of soft fabric as they feel better and don't leave annoying marks. 

10. Nail Files $2

Nail files are a necessity to keeping nails easy to manage. Plus, they are super cheap and can be thrown in a purse or bag whenever. 

That is it for this blogpost. See you guys soon with another Blogmas one! :) 

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