Sunday, 13 September 2015

Book Review: Palace of Spies by Sarah Zettel

Palace of Spies by Sarah Zettel

Finished One Book On My TBR!

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Pages: 384
Recommended Age: 12 and up

What It’s About:

Sixteen-year-old Peggy Fitzroy is an orphan, raised by her aunt and uncle in 1700s London. She is smart, charming, feisty, and unwilling to accept the repulsive and immoral suitor chosen for her. Angered by her refusal, her uncle throws her out. Homeless, Peggy agrees to disguise herself as a lady-in-waiting at the court of King George I, taking the name and identity of Lady Francesca Wallingham, recently deceased from supposedly natural causes. In this fashion, Peggy becomes a spy and finds herself involved in multiple mysterious and perhaps nefarious intrigues, all while falling in love with the handsome and gentlemanly artist Matthew.


So, I have to say I loved this book so much! It was a really interesting Historical Fiction novel and I got really into it.

Recently I have been really into reading Historical Fiction stories and a Historical Fiction mystery. Well...who can pass that up?  

I loved how Peggy wasn’t a needy girl and wanted to figure things out on her own and was even annoyed by the fact that people thought women were so needy and needed someone to save them from everything.

Spoilers Below:

The chemistry between Matthew and our main character, Peggy was there and there was a tiny bit of chemistry between Robert and Peggy but hardly any. Partly due to the fact that she wasn’t really the girl he had been in love with, she was just impersonating them.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or mysteries. It is a wonderful Young Adult book.

My Rating: Five out of Five Crowns

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