Thursday, 19 November 2015

Teen Wolf Season One Thoughts

Hello lovelies,

       So, I just recently finished watching Season One of the incredible show Teen Wolf. It was really awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I started watching this show about a month or two ago when my mom finally deemed it as appropriate for me to watch. (Moms. So overprotective…)

(Insert gif of happy person)

I loved this season a lot. Though at first I found it a tiny bit weird especially Scott, Derek and Lydia.  I DID NOT like Lydia. I thought she was a stuck-up, dumb, pretty girl. Like one of those who just cares about what she looks like.  Now, she is one of my favorite characters.

The characters are amazing and well thought out and developed slowly through the season.

The main character, Scott McCall is first shown as an asthmatic who wants to play on the lacrosse team for that year though he hasn’t ever played before.

His best friend is named Stiles Stilinski. When you first meet Stiles he wants to go out dead-body hunting with his best friend right before sophomore year. Stiles is so adorable and he is by far my favorite character in the whole season. (And it’s not just because of Dylan O’Brien guys…)

He has been in love with this girl named Lydia Martin since the third grade. Lydia is the most popular girl in school and she is a little rude and stuck-up at first but she gets better. She is also dating Jackson Whittemore.

Another character is Allison Argent who appears as the new girl in school. She is soon the girlfriend of Scott McCall.

Then there is Jackson who is rude and arrogant but kinda hot. (Yes, I have a problem). He is dating Lydia and is the Captain of the Lacrosse team. (Well, co-captain soon)

And then there is Derek Hale. I’m not going to go into detail about him.

And you might be wondering what I think about all this supernatural stuff. I think it’s pretty awesome. And no, I am not really all that weirded out by the gore. Yes, there is blood. Not for the faint of heart. Sorry.  And I really like all this supernatural stuff recently. It’s all kind of cool to me. :)

I loved this season. I thought the plot was fantastic. The characters were fantastic and the villains were pretty awesome. (I’m talking about you Peter Hale)

Overall this is an amazing show and I will be adding more later. :)


  1. "I'm talking about you Peter Hale" Hahah, don't forget the Argents!

    1. True. The Argents were pretty awesome as well! :) But Peter Hale was a good villain. And so was Chris Argent I guess

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