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Top 5 Wednesday| Characters I Consistently Defend


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam. You basically get a new topic every Wednesday, and you list your Top 5 books related to that topic. Head over to the Goodreads group, and add your name to the list of Wednesday-ers if you’re interested in participating!
Today’s topic is “Characters I Will Defend, and I adore this topic because I have so many characters that I love and others hate and I have to protect them from this cruel world. These are also in no particular order. 


I do not understand why people don't like him. People keep saying that Cinder shouldn't have ended up with him because they thought he was unloyal or blah blah blah.  I honestly love him so much. He's gone through a ton of stuff that is very hard hitting on him and he pulls through the best he can. Sure, he shuns Cinder a little at times but come on, they are OTP! 


 4. Regina Mills and Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time (TV)

Apparently people don't like Regina. (Moment of silence) 
I love her so so much. Regina went through a lot having Cora as her mother. I mean, she just wanted Regina to be Queen and didn't care at all about her childhood. Regina is such a strong character who doesn't break down no matter what happens to her. And let me tell you, this season has been hard on her.  
Now, Peter Pan, I can tell. He is ruthless and a total villain. But I love him to death. And yes it is partly because he is attractive but he is so ambitious and knows what he wants and I admire that. 

3. Cleo from Falling Kingdoms by Morgan rhodes

Why exactly does Cleo get hate? Cleo is such a cinnamon roll. I would protect her from the haters. *wraps my arms around her* She is loyal, kind and smart. She always helps others no matter what they look like or what class they are part of. She doesn't want to be involved in a war. She just wants to live her life. Granted, I have only read the first book but she is such a precious character and I really like her. 


Draco Malfoy is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series, after Hermione Granger. He is such a complex character who grew up in a home that had very prejudiced views. He knew he was taught to kill or die himself and yet on many an occasion he has lowered his wand. I believe he is a bully and a brat because of who his family is and not because of his own views. He is not an evil person, he just follows the examples of the adults in his family. He is a confused sixteen year old, who had a horrible, impossible task thrust upon him and he didn't know what to do. He knew it was wrong and yet he didn't want to die for not following the rules. In the last book, he saved the life of his arch-enemy in a war that was taking the life of both friend and foe. He didn't have anything to gain at all by doing this. He shows that he can defy his family and be his own person. And I love him so so much! I could write a five paragraph essay but I won't bore you. 

1. Maven from Red queen by victoria aveyard

Yes, he's a villain. I get it. 
I love him though. He's another complex character who isn't quite sure what to do. With his father, ignoring him half the time and always being in his brother's shadow, he has reasons behind what he does. He doesn't want Mare to fall for Cal whom she will probably end up with because that's what always happens.  I love Maven and will protect him from this evil world. 

0. America singer from the selection series

Where do I begin? Ah yes, I did cheat but America is a precious character who is one of my all time favorites and I don't understand the hate geared towards her. People say that she is whiny and weak and she isn't. She shows her strength more than once. Sure, not with samurai swords but she's smart and knows exactly what to do. She doesn't give in to others who try to push her around like the King. She doesn't want to share Maxon with anyone else which is logical. No one wants the person they like or love to be fooling around with other woman. America Singer comes from a poor family and she is determined to make her family proud. She didn't even want to be part of the Selection but she ended up in it so she knew she had to help her family. She is smart and beautiful and I love her and I will not tolerate all this hate towards her. 

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