Sunday, 19 June 2016

Blogger Summer Reading!!

Bekka over at Pretty Deadly Reviews and Whitley over at Reading With a Vengeance are hosting a blogger summer reading program in the month of July.  I decided to participate cause I need to get my reading done
This challenge is based on the types of summer reading programs that libraries host. You set all your own goals and they can be whatever you want – to read a certain amount of books per week, read a certain amount of pages per day, etc. You keep track of your progress and report back every Saturday as to whether or not you met your goals for that week. There are also going to be some cool prizes but they haven’t been announced yet! There’s also going to be a Twitter chat on June 30th to kick it off. If you want more information, check out Bekka and Whitley’s posts which I linked to above.


Read 2-3 Books a Week

Catch up on my library books 

 This isn't too hard for me to do as these are all things I want/need to do. I'm also going to be going to California in July so I'll have more time to read. 

If you’re participating in this, link me to your sign-up post below!

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