Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Movie Review #1: Alice through the Looking Glass

Finally, I am getting a movie review up. I am such a bad person in terms of promising reviews and then never giving them. Yesterday, I went to see the sequel to Alice in Wonderland which was Alice through the Looking Glass.  Apparently, this movie hasn't been getting good reviews which made absolutely no sense to me as I really enjoyed it and it was one of my most anticipated movies for this year.

Title: Alice Through the Looking Glass
Director: James Bobin
Rating: PG
My Rating: 5 Crowns
Release Date: May 27, 2016

The first movie came out a few years ago and in case you have somehow never seen it or forgot about it, I shall post a small summary for you. 

Alice Kingsleigh was a young girl when she first visited the magical Underland and is now a teenager who has no memory of the place. Her life takes an unexpected turn when at a garden party, she spots a curious white rabbit and chases him down a hole. She's reunited with her friends the Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp, the Cheshire Cat and many others. Alice learns that she has a destiny to end the Red Queen's (Helena Bonham Carter) reign of terror over Underland. 

I think the fact that some people don't like it is because they don't follow the book, scene for scene. I personally did not mind because I feel like it is one of those stories that the screenwriters can do whatever they want with it. 

I really enjoyed this movie. Not as much as the first one but almost as much.  I loved seeing the beloved characters again and being able to see what had happened to the characters in the time that we had been gone.


I really enjoyed the plot. We started off with Alice's normal life. She is now the Captain of her father's ship. She is basically in the Straits of Melacca getting chased by pirates. I love how it started off right in the action to start it off with a bang. I also really liked how she got to Underland and seeing Alice's whole normal life intertwined with her going to Underland

I feel like the movie followed a good plot structure with rising action and a large climax before having falling action.


Alice is as usual my favorite character. She is strong willed and strong minded. She is also very courageous, often jumping headfirst into danger.  Alice shows these characteristics continuously during the movie when she is trying to find the Hatter's family and fix him.

The Mad Hatter is another one of my favorite characters. He is just so funny. We didn't know much about him until this movie when we get a backstory about his family and his life when he was younger which I really liked.

We got some backstory on the White Queen and the Red Queen's lives and how the Red Queen ended up how she is. It was a lot of her sister's fault.

We also got a new character: Time. He was so freaking hilarious and sometimes was just really stupid but it's a movie filled with craziness so he fit right in.


We got to see a lot more of Underland in this film. We got to see the Hatter's house and not just him having tea all day.  We also got to go back and time and see our beloved characters at different points in their lives. This movie was much less dark and dismal which greatly impressed me.


The PG rating was perfect for this movie. The violence is kept to a minimum and there is no drug, alcohol or sexual content. I feel like this movie is wonderful for kids and also has a good message. I encourage all of you to see it and if you have siblings, cousins, etc.

I highly recommend this movie because it is fun and is a good get away.

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  1. Yay! I posted a review on this movie on my blog as well! It seems as if we have the same feelings about this movie in the sense as it is a great story to take your mind off of things!