Monday, 8 August 2016

Movie Review #5: Zootopia

Finally, I am getting another movie review up. I am such a bad person in terms of promising reviews and then never giving them. Today, I am going to do a review of Zootopia. I loved this movie so much so here are my thoughts. This is also mostly spoiler free.

Title: Zootopia
Director: Bryon Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Rating: PG
My Rating: 5 Crowns
Release Date: March 4, 2016

Zootopia isn't the only movie with talking animals that has come out in the last year, but it is one of the only ones that I went to see and seems to stand out. 


Zootopia is about a world where all animals, both predator and prey, live together in harmony. In Zootopia, anyone can be anything. Our main protagonist, Judy Hopps believes that because she is the first rabbit police officer on a police force that is made up of much larger animals. She is assigned as the meter maid and is determined to impress so that she can move up to harder jobs. Then when she hears about a missing mammal case, she jumps at the opportunity and takes the case. She must aly with a sly, con-artist fox named Nick Wilde in order to solve it. Along the way, the case becomes bigger than either of them could have ever anticipated.

I love movies with animals in it. Especially animals that talk and do things just like humans do. I naturally adored this movie and thought it was super funny and super cute.

The plot is pretty well paced and doesn't drag. It is sort of a mystery movie which is filled with twists and turns that I could never have anticipated. It consistently stayed one or two steps ahead of me so I couldn't figure it out ahead of time. It was really well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. The writers put in as much effort with the mystery as they did the characters and setting.

Zootopia also happens to be a hilarious movie. The humor is so well done that it is sure to get you to laugh, no matter what.


The characters are all very interesting and unique and have secret sides to them that you really wouldn't expect to see.

Judy Hopps is intelligent, brave, optimistic and friendly which are all great qualities to have. But she has flaws just like everyone does. Sometimes she doesn't think through what she is saying and just spits it out which ends up doing more harm than good. But she also wants to make the world a better place and she does that by becoming the first bunny officer ever. She has to break the mold of how rabbits are perceived. They aren't perceived to be strong or fearless and she breaks those expectations. She also sees potential in others that others don't. I felt like I related to her, me being a female viewer but she is a good person to try and relate to. 

Nick Wilde is sly, intelligent, charming, fast-talking, witty, cynical, laid-back and opinionated. I loved him from the beginning. He is by far my favorite character, but close followed by Judy. He can talk his way out of practically anything. He believes that dreams in Zootopia, never come true. His knowledge of the city help Judy and we soon learn that there is a lot more to Nick than what meets the eye. 


Judy and Nick develop a strong relationship as the movie progresses. They consistently work together and help each other. Their chemistry is undeniable and I loved them so so much. They are able to carry the emotion of the movie as well as be entertaining. They develop a strong bond that is so easy to see. 


The animation was truly beautiful. I loved how they designed the city and all the places as well as the characters. 

Zootopia is such a creative place and I really wanted to explore more of it because it was all so well done. Every element was well thought out and planned before putting it on the screen. 

I highly enjoyed this movie and believe that it is on it's way to becoming a Disney classic. Zootopia is a great representation of how Disney has evolved into something that everyone should spend time watching. It has wonderful messages that teach children and adults not to be prejudiced and to follow their dreams. 

It is one of Disney's best films as well as one of the smartest. 

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  1. AHHH I loved this movie so much! I'm about to post a favorite movies of the year update and this one is included!!