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Movie Review #6: Star Trek Beyond

Finally, I am getting another movie review up. I am such a bad person in terms of promising reviews and then never giving them. I saw Star Trek Beyond last week and I really enjoyed it so here is my review. This is also mostly spoiler free.

Title: Star Trek Beyond
Director: Justin Lin
Rating: PG-13
My Rating: 5 Crowns
Release Date: July 22, 2016

This movie relates a lot to the previous two movies so if you haven't seen those, it may be a good idea to see them or read up on them before seeing this one.

Star Trek is one of my favorite movie franchises so it isn't really a surprise that I highly enjoyed this movie.


Star Trek Beyond picks up three years into The Enterprise's 5-year-mission. The cast of The Enterprise are starting to become restless and ready for home. The mission has brought out the best in some of the crew, and the worst in some of the others. Then when Captain Kirk agrees to rescue the crew of a stranded ship, they are attacked and crash land onto a mysterious world where they have to figure out what is going on and how to escape.

This was a really exciting movie, that reminded me a lot of the originals. I liked how we got to know a lot more about the characters and their personalities. The previous two movies didn't show them as much. I also liked how we got to see more of the world.

The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I was smiling and laughing throughout most of it. This was also probably my favorite out of the three movies that have come out. I also liked how this movie explored more of the characters relationships with each other. Such as, Chekov and Jim got to spend more time together in this one. Bones and Spock also had hilarious moments together.


Chris Pine plays Jim Kirk who is the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Fun fact, I have an obsession with Chris Pine, but can you blame me? Chris Pine is wonderful as Jim Kirk, he's got the character down to perfection. 

Zachary Quinto plays Spock. Spock is hilarious even when he really doesn't mean to. He brings a lot to the crew and he is really smart. I really enjoyed seeing his interactions with the other characters develop. 

Karl Urban plays Leonard McCoy or better known as Bones. Bones is by far my favorite character because he is just so funny. He is the one who makes the sarcastic remarks. And sometimes the remarks are just plain rude but they come out so funny so it doesn't seem too mean. Bones is also unique and I really liked how he got more screen time in this one. 

Zoe Saldana plays Uhura who is such a strong female character. I really liked seeing her on the screen and liked that she had a more prominent role in this one. 

Simon Pegg plays Scotty. Scotty has always said some really funny things but had a much more prominent role in this one as well. 

John Cho plays Sulu who got a lot more screen time in this movie as well. We got to see that he had a family which I thought was rather sweet. We also got to see him participate more than the last movie. 

Anton Yelchin plays Chekov. It's so sad that this is the last time we will ever see him playing Chekov. I really liked his role in this movie and am so happy that he also got more screen time. I also really love Chekov and he is probably my second favorite character. 

Sofia Boutella plays Jaylah who is the new character. I really liked her character and was so happy that she wasn't a love interest for Kirk. Oh and some of her lines were so funny. One of my favorites was of her describing a piece of music she liked, "I like the beat and the shouting." 


Would this be a Star Trek movie if there was no fighting?  Obviously, there was a lot of fighting. One of the best scenes in my opinion was when they played the loud music while flying. It was such a good scene and well done.


There isn't that much romance in this. Except for the romance between Uhura and Spock which is pretty cute. 

I was actually really happy that the new character, 


This movie is rated PG-13 for a reason. There is mild swearing and a lot of violence/fighting so I would recommend you go with an older person if you are under thirteen.

This movie is one of my new favorites and I highly recommend the Star Trek movies!

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  1. I loved this movie too! Yes, "the beat and the shouting" is my favorite line!