Sunday, 11 September 2016

Weekly Wrap Up: 9/5 - 9/11

I have decided to start doing a weekly post called weekly recap where I update you on my life, reading and watching. Plus any posts I have done or will do.

I did horribly on reading and blogging this week. :( So, yeah. Barely any posts have gone up. I'm trying to get used to my homework load and trying to manage my time which isn't going so well so far.

School has been okay, still getting used to everything but blogging and reading should get better soon. Promise. 

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Monday:  Music Monday featuring Black Sea by Natasha Blume + Fall Book Bingo '16

Tuesday: NONE

Wednesday: Most Anticipated Releases of Second Half of 2016

Thursday: TBD

Friday: The Wrong Prince Blog Tour

Saturday: TBD

Sunday: Love Me Deadly by Alycia Linwood Book Review

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