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2018 Bookish and Writing Goals and Resolutions!

Hello guys.

You might remember that I did a post like this last year, where I went over all the goals that I hoped to complete during the year 2017.  Even if you don't remember, here are my 2018 New Year's Resolutions. These are all goals that I aim/hope to follow. 

Let's get into it.

 2017 RECAP 

1. Try to Read at least Six Books a Month: COMPLETE

I feel as if I actually did complete this goal because for most of the months, I did read six books. There were a couple months where I only read four or five but I was trying which is what counts. 

2. Blog 3-4 Times a Week!: NOT COMPLETE

This year was a horrible blogging year. I had a lot more school work and things to do than I thought I did which caused me to lose blogging time. While I am sad that I didn't complete this goal, I am hoping I can do better in 2018.

3. Post/Write One Book Review a Week: NOT COMPLETE

As I said in previously, I did not have a good blogging year and I didn't write very many book reviews which is very sad because I read so much and I want to tell people what I read. 

4. Spend more time writing quality posts: NOT COMPLETE

I hoped to write discussion posts and reviews during 2017 but I didn't write too many of those in 2017.

5. Catch up on NetGalley Books: COMPLETE

Towards the end of 2017, I got my NetGalley life together and I have a 72% rating which is exciting. I count this as a completed goal.

6. Plot Books Before Writing Them: COMPLETE

I would count this as a completed goal because I ended up plotting out some novels (not fully, but partially is better than not at all). I am so excited to do more of this in the future as it is very helpful.

7. Actually Finish Writing at Least One Book: NOT COMPLETE

I did not complete this goal in 2017. I did write the whole second part of one of my novels for Nanowrimo and I can't wait to write more of that book when I have time.


1. Read 80 Books

My Goodreads Challenge is currently set at 80 books which is the amount I hope to reach this year. This won't be too hard as I reached over 90 books read this year, however, I will be ending senior year and probably going off to college so time will be limited.

2. Edit Parts 1 and 2 of Camelot Anew

I have written two parts of my novel called Camelot Anew. I love this novel with all my heart but it is a bit of a mess right now. I would really like to edit these parts and clean them up a bit this year.

3. Finish Writing One Novel

I put this on my goals every year, but I haven't managed to complete the goal yet. I hope to writ a whole novel this year and to not worry about editing it before I finish it.

4. Plot Out my Whole Pirate Novel

My pirate novel (which has a title, I promise) is one that I have been trying to write for years and I feel like I can't get it right. I am going to plan it all out this year so I can just get to writing it whenever I have time.

5. Reach 80% on NetGalley

I have reached 72% on NetGalley which is pretty good but I want to reach 80% so more titles will be available to me and I don't have to be denied for just that reason.

6. Reread At Least Five Books

I did not reread any book this year because there are always so many books to read for the first time. There are quite a few books that I'd really like to reread this year and I am going to try my best to get to those this year.

7. Try to Read 5-6 Books a Month 

As I mentioned in my recap part of this post, I didn't always have time to read this year, but I did end up reading about this number a month. I hope to read 5-6 books a month this year as well, so I can reach my Goodreads goal and feel accomplished.

8. Possibly Start a Bookstagram Account

This is not one of my main goals. I have never had an Instagram account and didn't plan to, until I discovered Bookstagram. Bookstagram photos are just so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, that I've tried to take a few. I am not sure if I will do this yet, but I am considering it.

9. Write at Least One Book Review a Week

Writing book reviews is a long and involved process. I didn't write very many this year and I am disappointed in myself because I know I can do better at this.

10. Try to Post At Least Twice a Week

This is going to be the hardest of all my goals for this year. 2017 was a bad blogging year and I admit that. I am hoping to do better this year, although I don't have much time for blogging. That being said, I am going to work harder to have posts planned out/written out before I want them to go up. I can write posts when I have time and then I don't have to be going for weeks on end with no updates.

And that is it for this blogpost. I hope you all enjoyed and maybe considered adding one of these goals to your list for 2018.

I'll see you all soon.

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