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Riverdale 1x02 Thoughts

Riverdale Episode 2 Recap + Thoughts

Title of Episode: Chapter 2: A Touch of Evil
Director: Lee Toland Krieger
Writers: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Rating: 9/10

Small recap:

The last episode ended with Jason’s body being found in the river by Kevin and Moose. At the beginning of the episode Archie is unable to sleep and texts Betty asking if they can talk and she says no. Archie goes for a run and goes to Miss Grundy’s house confronting her about what they heard on July 4th but she refuses to tell anyone because she doesn’t want them to find out about their affair.

Veronica and Betty are still at odds due to Veronica going into the closet with Archie, at Cheryl's party [which was not a good idea on her part but she was saving Archie from Cheryl herself]. Veronica tries to apologize by buying Betty a bouquet of yellow roses [for friendship] and tells her that she bought her cupcakes and booked them an appointment for blowouts and mani-pedis. [Gotta love V] Unfortunately, Betty doesn’t seem too happy and later when they are at lunch she breaks down and leaves. Betty gets into another argument with Veronica during cheerleading practice and decides to hang out with Cheryl instead which doesn't go well at all.

Jughead is catching on to Archie about his whole teacher-student thing and he is not pleased with him at all so he confronts him about it which doesn't go too well.

Overall, this episode was a lot more eventful than the previous one.


  • Josie and the Pussycats singing. Basically every song they sing is just beautiful but I loved them singing Sugar Sugar at the pep rally. It was catchy and I listen to it so much on my Spotify.
  • The little interaction between Veronica and Betty at the end of the episode with the milkshakes and the vow. That was so cute and I was fangirling so so hard. I loved how Veronica asks her, “Betty can we make a vow?” and they clink milkshakes. Cute.
  • Jughead ‘forgiving’ Archie. This happened at the end of the pep rally. I loved Jughead’s line: “We’re not going to hug in front of this entire town. So let’s just do that bro thing where we nod like douches…” I loved how they just both smiled and laughed. I need their friendship.
  • Betty inviting Jughead and Archie to sit with her and Veronica.  I absolutely adored how she asked them to join them, despite just making a vow with Veronica. It shows that they trust each other. And I loved how Jughead jumped over the seat where Veronica was sitting to sit on the inside. [Now, that is a gentleman. He did not make the lady stand up]
  • Basically all of Jughead’s lines:

Example: “It’s called necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?”

  • Archie protecting Jughead by fighting Reggie I did not like the fact that he actually fought Reggie but if it was to protect Jughead Jones then I am happy. Their friendship is on the mend and I am ecstatic.
  • The Jason reveal. So, Jason didn’t actually die on July 4th. SHOCKER!! I mean, it was kind of a shock but not as much as I thought it would be. But I loved how Jughead executed this reveal.


  • How everyone is in love with Archie.  Like why? He’s boring and needs to get his life together. Please girls.
  • Betty’s mom who is trying to control her life. She's really creepy and controlling.
  • Ms. Grundy and Archie having a relationship. This will be in every single review of this show until she leaves. Mark my words.  This is a toxic, illegal relationship that would get both participants in trouble if they are caught. Plus it is gross. [See why I say Archie needs to get his life together?]
  • Reggie Mantle. This kid just bothers me to death. He is always getting into arguments with people he deems ‘less’ than him and literally fought Archie over Jughead in this. Ugh.
  • Cheryl Blossom just confessing.  This is so obviously fake. I mean, come on. How is no one questioning this? [I mean, in their defense it was a cliffhanger and Jughead did look concerned but still]
  • Betty turning violent for a tensy tiny bit.  You know the part. When she says: “Get the hell out of my house.” and then for emphasis, adds, “before I kill you.” She is talking to Cheryl, of course and it was chilling. I admire her for standing up for herself and her sister but really B?
  • Cheryl dissecting the frog. Why does she have to stab it and freak out the entire class and viewers. *shudders* [To be honest, I watch Teen Wolf so I’m not too upset by this] Gross.
  • Betty pining over Archie for most of the episode. Betty Cooper. Get a grip. Just hang out with Veronica. Forget Archie. He needs to get a hold on his life.
  • Cheryl acting like she gets special treatment. Throughout this episode Cheryl, has been milking the fact that her ‘beloved’ brother has drowned/been shot and it is sad but she is going too far.
  • No one picks up on the fact that Jason had multiple bullet wounds. He had multiple bullet wounds everyone. Pay attention.  He was obviously shot and did not drown. So, who shot him multiple times? It must be someone who really hates him. Or maybe multiple people shot him?


My favorite part of this episode was when Veronica and Betty made up at Pop’s and made their cute vow. I also really liked the shots with Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Betty all sitting together in Pop’s and laughing. It was really cute.

Questions of the Day:

What was your favorite part of the episode?
Who do you think killed Jason Blossom?

Overall, I rate this episode an 9/10. I liked it more than the first episode because it had more character development and more Jughead. I am officially obsessed with this show.  I’ll see you all soon for more Riverdale recaps and reviews!

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